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Are you all for health and happiness for your family? Our Families LOVE BuzzyBlends honey! We’ve got sweet summer offers for you to enjoy – Receive 15% off of your first order with code SUMMER15. Happy Honey Shopping!

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Honey is antioxidant rich, full of vitamins and bursting with minerals – There are few things as plentiful as the amber nectar from our Honey Bees! Families love BuzzyBlends because of the natural health benefits that it provides for their loved ones. BEE-ing healthy, has never been so easy!


We are BIG fans of nourishment from the inside out. If you’re looking for something healthy and nutritious for your family, then look no further! Our products deliver on all of the health benefits of honey in unique blends, we take all that our worker bees provide and blend it with bright and bold ingredients from Mother Nature for you to enjoy.


From fabulously fruity berries, to the soothing textures of peppermint. Energy boosting lemon and ginger to indulgent chocolate for the chocolate lovers! We really do have something for everyone, find your BuzzyBlend today!


Buzzy Blends brings honey to the table with a tasty twist. Make baked creations with it, stir into a warm drink for a refreshing boost,  spread it thick over your morning toast or swirl it into your porridge on a frosty cold day; from summer to winter, Buzzing Blends serves up versatile flavour and goodness.

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Here’s to happiness, health and wellness – All poured into one jar.

BuzzyBlends was born out of a passion to find healthy, natural products for young families. A product that children would love and enjoy, whilst ensuring they are getting all of the nutrients that they need. As people continue to seek an alternative to refined sugar, whilst still satisfying their sweet-tooth, the answer is our wonderful honey.

Our collection of honeys each come with a delicious twist. From Sea Buckthorn to Chocolate Chips, and we ensure that our products retain all of the goodness that honey is renowned for. In a single jar of our honey, which is plastic-free of course, you’ll find 95% pure raw honey and 5% fruit or chocolate. Yes, it really is that simple! We know that honey is good for you, but we wanted to make it GREAT for you. There are no hidden ingredients, just pure, unpasteurised and handmade wonderful sweetness!

We have recipes that will make your mouth water from sweet honey salads, vegan oat bread, to cake pops for your little ones! This wonderfully versatile product is perfect for so many home creations and it will keep your family busy creating new things for months to come. We love to inspire our BuzzyBlends hive, which is why we post weekly recipes and delicious treats, hints and tips for you to try.

Used for everything from smoothing and rehydrating hair, home treatments and remedies to candy, candles and even cocktails! Honey is the gift from nature that keeps on giving. Our Honey Bees keep the wheels of nature turning and they are so very important. If you struggle to find natural, flavoured honey then look no further. Our customers love BuzzyBlends for its simplicity, its natural health benefits and its delicious flavour. Find your BuzzyBlend flavour today.

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