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Q : Is your honey really 100% natural ?

A : Yes, all of honey comes directly from bee's with no added additives or anything else other than our own added and fused natural flavourings.

Q : If I am allergic to regular honey will I be allergic to this ?

A : Yes our honey is real honey, sourced from bees just like regular honey so any allergies naturally still apply.

Q : How do you look after your bee's ?

A : We look after our bees very well. Like royalty in fact and use only the best quality bees available so as not to compromise on flavour or quality from you, the buyer.

Q : Do you offer honey flavour samples for me to try ?

A : Unfortunately at the moment we can only offer samples to commercial large orders but keep us bookmarked and we will try our best to offer this more in future.

Q : Where does your honey come from?

A : Our spring harvested honey is sourced from Kupiskis in Lithuania. Our Lithuanian apiary began with one man and his honey hobby. Gradually, year after year, a hobby turned into a thriving beekeeping business. And some 30 years later our founder Dee would stumble upon honey from her homeland that was quite unlike anything to be found on the supermarket shelves.

Q : What’s the benefit of unpasteurised honey?

A : Studies actually show that unpasteurised (raw) honey is packed full of powerful health benefits! Unpasteurised honey provides the maximum level of natural antioxidants, vitamins and healing agents. The process involved with regular honey destroys a lot of these nutritional benefits.

Q: How should I store my honey?

A : For maximum freshness, we recommend storing your honey in a cool location (no more than 20 degrees) and away from direct sunlight. A pantry is a perfect place to store your honey.

Q : Will honey help my cough?

A : Honey can help to relieve an acute cough effectively. Rather than using over the counter medicines, honey is a preferred natural way to combat a cough and can safely be used for the whole family (from 1 year up). We highly recommend our soothing Buzzy Blends lemon and ginger honey mixed with warm water to reduce cough symptoms.

Q : Is honey vegan?

A : There is no clear answer to if honey is vegan or not, however, a lot of vegans choose not to include honey in their diets. All of our honey is produced ethically and sustainably however, so you can be rest assured that the welfare of our bees is a top priority and contributes to the quality of our honey.

Q : Does honey expire?

A : Most seasonal honey will last for around 2 years before they spoil. Because our honey is blended with flavours, we recommend using the honey within a year and a half. Remember to store your honey in no higher than 20ºC temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Q : How do bees make honey?

A : Bees make honey from the nectar (the sweet liquid that insects eat) found in the flowers of plants. But the process of how bees make honey is not that simple, it’s actually a fascinating process that that involves quite a few different steps. To learn more, check out our blog ‘: The fascinating process of how bees make honey

Q : Why can’t babies under 1 eat honey?

A : A baby's digestive system isn't yet strong enough to process honey safely. Honey may contain a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum that can produce toxins in a baby's intestines, leading to infant botulism, which is a rare but very serious illness.

Q : Why has my honey crystallised? Is something wrong with it?

A : As our honey is natural and unpasteurised, it’s completely normal for it to naturally crystallise over time. If your honey crystallises, simply heat it gently in warm (not boiling) water until it returns to its liquid state. Remember, crystallised honey is normal and can still be safely enjoyed!

Q : Can my children eat honey?

A : Absolutely! Honey is a wholesome and valuable addition to a kid’s diet, however, it is not safe to feed to babies under 12 months.

Q : What does lyophilised mean?

A : Lyophilised, also known as freeze-dried, is the name for the freeze-dried foods we use to add flavour to our honey. This process allows us to preserve their amazing fresh taste, smell and nutritional value without adding any nasties.

Q : Is your honey GMO-free?

A : Yes. All our honey is GMO-free.

Q : Is your honey gluten free?

A : Yes, honey does not contain gluten.

Q : What’s the best way to eat honey to receive the maximum health benefits?

A : We recommend enjoying a spoonful of honey every day to get the maximum health benefits from it. Pairing it with your favourite foods, such as porridge, pancakes and milkshakes is another great way to enjoy our honey. Keep up to date with our blog and recipe section to get plenty of mouth-watering inspiration!

Q : Can I include a gift note with my order?

A : Yes, we will be happy to print and post a personalised message from you. Please contact us regards any personalised presents.

Q : How can I order large quantities of honey?

A : For bulk or commercial orders, please contact our friendly team

Q : What is your return policy?

A : We kindly ask you to contact us to let us know of any problems including faulty, wrong items or damaged in transit goods. Personalised products or orders already shipped can’t be refunded, cancelled or exchanged.

Q : There was a problem with the order I received. What should I do?

A : If there is a problem with your order, please contact our friendly team

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