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About us

Here's to happiness, health and wellness - all poured into a jar

Well hey there, health fan. It seems that we've got plenty in common. We're big fans of nourishment from the inside out too. And boy oh boy does honey have plenty of health benefits.

Deep breath now. Honey is antioxidant rich, full of vitamins (including ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin), and bursting with minerals (such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc). All in all, there are few things as plentiful as the amber nectar.

Thanks be to the bees.

"At least 30% of the world's crops and 90% of all plants require cross-pollination to spread and thrive"

Used for everything from smoothing and rehydrating hair, onto candy and candles, honey is the gift from nature that keeps on giving. Yet for all its uses, there's something of far more importance when it comes to bees - and that's the balance of our eco-system.

The hard work that worker bees put in day after day - buzzing from one flower to another, means that as bees collect their goods, they pollinate plants - carrying what one plant needs to grow from another. From trees to flowers, this keeps the wheels of nature turning. So you see, honey lover, bees are really rather amazing. We don't quite know where we'd bee without them.

Ethical and sustainable. Always.

Our belief in the bees means that our focus on ethical, sustainable beekeeping is central to all we do.

Our bees enjoy well-cared for living conditions and kind beekeeping practices. We believe that this is the way things should bee.

Thanks to the bees

Thanks to the bees.



"Hello there. I'm Dee.Honey lover, health fan. I feel guilty calling this a company and saying that this is my job. Because, truth be known, this is a real labour of love for me"

Buzzy Blends brings honey to the table with a tasty twist. Our products are defined by originality and breaking with tradition - delivering on all the health benefits of honey in brand-new blends with other delicious ingredients from Mother Nature.

We're all for health and happiness. For humans and hives, we strive for balance and the protection of bees.

Our apiary (that's the expert term for bee yard) is enrolled in an 'xceptional quality' program, which means that it's often inspected to ensure that we're sticking to the highest of standards. This provides you with confidence that we take good care of our bees. And they really do deserve the very best. After all, bees work exceptionally hard (22,700 bees are needed to fill a single jar of honey!). So it only seems right that they're kept in the most stunning of surroundings - by beautiful meadows and enchanting forests, in our case.


Our Lithuanian apiary began with one man and his honey hobby. Just north of Aukstaitija, in Kupiskis, this man's two grandchildren began creating frames and boards for the apiary - lending a helping hand each weekend.

Gradually, year after year, a hobby turned into a thriving, multi-national business. And some 30 years later Dee would stumble upon honey from her homeland that was quite unlike anything to be found on the supermarket shelves.

As a partnership with this once humble apiary, Dee now brings Buzzy Blends to you - a collection of honeys, each with a delicious twist. From Sea Buckthorn to Chocolate Chips, we ensure that our products retain all the goodness that honey is renowned for.

Make baked creations with it, spread it thick over your brioche, swirl it into your porridge on a frosty cold day; from summer to winter, Buzzing Blends serves up versatile flavour and goodness.

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